In the News

We generally do our best to avoid media attention in our cases, because it is rarely good for a client. As former Secretary of Labor Raymond Donovan once famously asked after his acquittal on fraud charges, “which office do I go to get my reputation back?” There was once a time when not talking to reporters was considered proper for lawyers, and as a general rule we follow that model. Occasionally, it may be in our client’s interests to speak with the media, and if that is the case, and if it is permitted by the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct, we will do so. Sometimes media attention is simply unavoidable. Here are a few recent media accounts discussing things we’ve done:

Mike Chick on CNN Providing Comments Regarding Jesse Matthews Prosecution in Hannah Graham Case

Mike Chick Named One of D.C. Area's Top Criminal Defense Lawyers by Washingtonian Magazine

Meghan Shapiro Discusses The Electric Chair in Virginia Lawyer Magazine

Motions Heard In Northern Virginia Murder Case

Attorneys Mike Chick and Meghan Shapiro Prepare For Capital Murder Trial

Attorneys Challenge Virginia's Lethal Injection Protocols

Mike Chick Client Acquitted By Jury In Shooting Case

Mike Chick and Meghan Shapiro Appointed To Handle Leesburg Capital Murder Case

Trial Date Set In Capital Murder Case

Meghan Shapiro Files Complaint Against Virginia Department Of Corrections

No Death Penalty For The Accused In Loudoun County Murder Case

Mike Chick's Client Avoids Incarceration And Felony Convictions In Daycare Case Involving Infant's Death

Mike Chick Wins Appeal For Firearms Charge

Meghan Shapiro and Chris Leibig Obtain A Three-Year Sentence For Client In Alexandria Murder Case

Arguments Made In Fairfax Capital Murder Case

Attorneys Challenge Execution Methods

Attorneys Seek To Block Prosecutor From Murder Case

Jury Acquits Teacher In Trial Handled By Peter D. Greenspun And W. Michael Chick, Jr.

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